Weightloss Journey & Fitness Tips

I use to be that girl that could eat a burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not gain a single pound! No matter what I tried I wasn’t able to gain weight… and then as I got older my metabolism slowed down and I slowly started to put on some weight without even noticing!!

It was Thanksgiving and my mom always wants to take pictures of everyone in the family and I remember her taking a family group picture and the next day she posted it on Facebook and I couldn’t believe how big I looked! I don’t know why I never saw it when I looked at myself in the mirror, I always just saw myself as that skinny girl that weighed 115 pounds… so I got a real big reality check! So I went out and bought a scale… and I weighed myself….and I weighed 157 pounds!! I use to only weight 115! So within a year I gained almost 50 pounds! So unhealthy!! I couldn’t believe it!!

How did I get here? Let me explain… I had moved in with my bf and I kinda stopped caring about going to the gym or making healthy meals and just got really confortavle… we’ve all been there… and we ate out literally every single day! Every single day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner was out! And before I knew it I had gained almost 50 pounds!

Now I’ve gotten myself down to 144 and I’m slowly continuing to lose the weight! I never knew how hard it was to lose weight until now! I would always say oh I’ll never gain weight I’ll never be that girl that eats and gains a pound, well boy was I wrong!

Not gonna lie, at first it was VERY hard to lose weight. No matter how hard I was trying the weight just wouldn’t come off! I was becoming insecure and losing my confidence.. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, everything was too tight, nothing looked good on my anymore and I all around just always felt tired and energy-less! Then I started to really take it seriously..

I threw away all the junk food in my house, ALL OF IT! I completely stopped eating out and started making my own HEALTHY meals. Once I felt like I had that under control I went and signed up for a gym membership! That’s when I really noticed my body changing!!

This is me now at 143lb!! I still have about 10-13 more pounds to lose!!

Here are some tips from what I’ve learned and experienced with weight loss:

⁃ Before every single meal I made sure to drink one whole glass of water! It really fills you up so then you don’t eat as much

⁃ I stopped drinking coffee, Starbucks coffee especially, sodas and juices! Those drinks have so so so much sugar in them! Even if you’re eating healthy and then taking a sip of your coke then that healthy meal of yours is a complete waste of time!

⁃ Three times out of the week I will do a 16 hour fast where you don’t eat for 16 hours. I swear this is like the secret! Fasting makes you lose weight like crazzzzzyyy!! There is also so many health benefits!

⁃ Try to move your body as much as possible, when you’re cleaning the house and doing your chores, instead of just cleaning, blast some music and dance while you’re cleaning, you will burn TWICE the calories! Another option is when going to the store, park in the farthest parking spot!

⁃ Weights weights weights!!! Lifting weights helps you to burn SOOOO many calories and the great thing about it is that you’re body will still be burning calories after you’re done with your workout! I promise you won’t get muscley and manly! You will see your fat just fade away so much faster!

⁃ Remember, we are not perfect, we will mess up, we will go out at 1am for that burger we’re craving or those potato chips or that delicious cupcake.. and it’s totally okay! You won’t destroy all your progress by eating one unhealthy thing here n there, but you haaaave to have to have to snap back the next day and go back to eating healthy! Once or twice a week or even three times a week if you’re craving something sweet or salty or greasy, go get it! Eat it! And then get up the next morning and hit the gym!!!

⁃ Salt intake! If you feel like no matter what you’re doing your stomach just won’t get flat try not eating any salt for a week! Please just try it! Your results will amaze you and you will come running back to my blog and thank me!

⁃ Stay positive! If you feel like you’re trying really hard and you’re following all the rules to weightloss but don’t see the weight changing on the scale, it’s okay! Give your body some time to adjust.. I was killing myself exercising and eating healthy one week and the scale didn’t even budge but by the end of the next week I had lost 5 pounds! Remember this is a journey, not an overnight magical trick! Stay consistent and work hard!

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