What I eat in a week to LOSE WEIGHT!

Hey guys, some of you have asked me on Instagram what I eat in a week to lose weight.. here is my list! If you guys try this and it helps you to lose weight as well, please let me know, I’d love to hear about your progress 😋❤️


Every day for breakfast (well like 5 days out of the week) I’ll eat 4 eggs.. three without yolk and one with yolk, scrambled and two slices of turkey bacon! This is my favorite breakfast and it’s so low on calories and so much protein it will really keep you full until lunch time!

If I do get hungry in between breakfast and lunch, I’ll grab a handful of carrots and just eat that but you could grab anything else, like cherry tomatoes or an avacado or cucumbers, anything you life.

So for lunch I’ll usually have some sort of sandwich, maybe an avocado toast with a side of fruit or salad. But it’s usually a sandwich of any sort but I try to keep the sandwich below 450 calories! So try not make it healthier by not putting any cheese in it or too much heavy sauces. Sauces have a looooooot of calories!

And then for dinner I usually always have chicken with a side of salad or a side of corn or you could even eat it with a side of brown rice or cauliflower rice which honestly tastes soooo good when you season it and it’s crazy low on calories! But usually I do corn cause it keeps me so full.. so I just buy a can of sweet corn, warm it up on the stove, and then I add one tablespoon of mayo, cayanne pepper and Parmesan cheese and it tastes sooooooooo good!!

Also Monday’s I usually start a fast at 9pm so I won’t eat after 9pm until the next day at 1pm. But you can’t start it at anytime, it just has to be for at least 16 hours!


Breakfast I’ll have eggs again, if you get tired of eating the same thing for breakfast you could do one slice of toast with almond butter or peanut butter and an apple or grapefruit or an orange if you don’t like grapefruit on the side!

Lunch I’ll have either a subway sandwich or I’ll have one hot dog with a side of a salad or some veggies with a low calorie ranch! This meal usually doesn’t keep me as full so I’ll have a snack somewhere in between lunch and dinner and I’ll usually have a bowl of fruit or I’ll slice up some apples and eat it with peanut butter! Sooo delicious!

Dinner, I’ll have a Caesar salad or some sort of mixed green with chicken! When putting dressing on your salad try to buy the healthiest version of it, pick the one that says low fat or low sodium!


Once again for breakfast I’ll have my eggs and bacon, this is my favorite meal so I never get tired of it!

Lunch I’ll make some veggie burgers (which btw are SO low on calories) with some whole wheat buns or if you want to be even healthier you can lettuce wrap it! Please don’t add cheese! It will make it so unhealthy! And then for the side I’ll have some sweet potatoes fries or I’ll have a salad just depending on how hungry I am or what I’m craving!

Dinner I’ll have a salad and usually during mid week I really start craving sweets so I’ll reward myself with a cup of chocolate ice cream or a snickers or Twix bar! 😋

Wednesday night I’ll also start another 16 hour fast! So I’ll stop eating at 9pm and then won’t have my breakfast the next day on Thursday until 1pm! But once again you can’t start yours at anytime!


Thursday and Friday I usually just have the same things I mentioned above, I just switch them around.. but my breakfast always stays the same. I’ve realized when I eat eggs and bacon in the mornings my stomach really stays full through the day and I don’t crave to eat as much as I would if I didn’t have eggs!

If you get hungry in between yours meals I would say drink a glass of water and then eat a bowl of fruit or some apples with peanut butter, or some veggies with some low fat ranch or you’re choice of dressing. And I know we all have cravings so if you really are craving something like chips or chocolate then go for it BUT only grab a handful of chips and put the rest of the bag AWAY!!! Or just have a bite or two of your chocolate and put it AWAY!! I know it’s hard but you have to or else you will never make any progress!


And then Saturday my breakfast will once again be the same.. for lunch I’ll have a sandwich or hot dog or a veggie burger with a side of fries! And then for dinner I’ll have a salad! Saturday’s my dinners are always a salad because sundays are my cheat days!


Sunday, my favorite day! I cheat every single Sunday! My breakfast stays the same. But my lunch and dinner I’ll eat whatever I want! The only thing I won’t do is eat snacks in between! So if you’re craving that steak at your favorite restaurant or that juicy burger GO FOR IT! But do not do not do notttttttt eat snacks in between your meals! Don’t sit there and shove your face with ten chocolate bars or a whole tub of ice cream hahah. And then for dinner once again eat whateverrrrr your heart desires!

But remember once Monday comes around you have to get back on your healthy eating schedule!

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