The Guide to Glowing Healthy Skin

For most of my life I’ve had pretty nice skin. I’ve never really had problems with breakouts or uneven texture or uneven skin tone.. but for the past year I’ve been pretty lazy and stopped taking care of my skin. I swear 2019 was probably one of my worst years… gained almost 50 pounds, became a lazy couch potato and my skin got horrible!

But it’s never to late to start changing your bad habits! I’m back to losing weight and getting healthy (check out my weightloss post) and now I’m getting my glowy skin back!

People think you have to go out and get all these expensive facials and creams and face washes and God knows what’s else, but NOPE! You don’t even need to spend a penny to achieve glowy skin, I PROMISE you!

Here are my secrets… some people may not agree with all of them but it’s always worked for me. Also what may work for me may not work for someone else but it never hurts to try! 💁🏼‍♀️

1. Wash your face with your choice of face wash but ONLY at night, literally any face wash will work, you don’t need to buy the $50 face wash from Sephora, trust me girls.. go to cvs and get any face wash!

2. Do not wash your face with a face wash or soap or anything in the morning! I know it sounds crazy but please trust me on this! Just go to your sink and splash your face with some COLD water. A dermatologist once told me this and I swear it changed my life! It’s so simple and literally takes no effort but it does wonders!

3. If you ever do get a breakout just dab some tea tree oil on it, it may sting but by the next day or the day after the next day it will be gone.

4. EXFOLIATE! Only once a week! You can either you an exfoliating face wash or make your own ORRRRR my favorite.. those little eyebrow razors! When your remove all the little peach fuzz on your face with those razors it also removes all your dead skin and the next day your face will GLOW! This works for me literally every single time!!! I do this every week and people always ask me how is your face so soft, well this is why! If you’re going to try any of my tips, this is the one to try! You will run back here and thank me!!

5. Moisturize and sun screen! Sun screen is soo soo soo important for you, even when the sun isn’t out and it’s cloudy you should still wear sun screen! If your face is sensitive to sun screen and it causes you to break out then I would say just skip and wear a hat if you’re going to be under the sun!

6. Vitamin C serums!!! Vitamin C truly brightens up your skin tone and really makes it look like you’re glowing! Sometimes I forget to use this but when I am consistent I’ve noticed I always get complimented on my skin and that I look more refreshed and awake!

7. Last but not least, water! Water is so important for literally everything. Drink as much water as you can drink every day! Even when you think you’ve had enough water, drink one more glass! The way I always make sure I’m drinking enough water is the color of my pee.. lol I know tmi.. but when I’m drinking enough water my pee literally looks like water lol.. and for some reason it’s such a satisfying feeling when you know your hydrating your body!

If you guys know any cool beauty tips please let me know I’m the comments below, I love learning new tricks and tips so please feel free to share your secrets with me! ❤️

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