Blog update! Finding my niche. Law of Attraction. Astrology.

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been kind of unmotivated… trying to figure out what I really want to blog about because I kind of feel like I’m all over the place right now.. but that’s okay. Trial and error until you find what you’re passionate blogging about and I think I found mine 🙂

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before but OBSESSED with two things.. the law of attraction and astrology!! So I’m going to make my blogs entirely focused on those two things, and of course I’ll have some random blogs here and there about traveling and life updates and whatnot!

But anyways I can’t wait to teach everyone about the law of attraction and how to use it in your daily life to get what you want, accomplish what you’re after, stay motivated and ALWAYS believe in yourself when no one else doesn’t!

And astrology, one of my favorite things to read about, I could read about astrology all day long! I would also love to do birth chart readings for anyone if they’re interested! 🙂

Anyways, just wanted to give everyone a quick update! Stay tuned for my next post! Love you guys ❤️


How I earn an extra $2k a month from HOME!

No I’m not trying to sell you anything or get you to sign up for anything that will cost you! Im just trying to help another person out who needs to earn some extra cash but doesn’t quite know how… yet! 😉 I wish someone had told me about this when I was struggling but I learned it all on my own and now I want to tell everyone about it!

I work in retail.. and we all know how shitty the hours and pay in retail can be.. it doesn’t even come close to covering all my bills.. there came a point where I really started struggling. And I’m the type of person that hates to ask others for help or money. I’ve always just figured it out on my own.

So one day I was on YouTube and I came across this girls video who was making money by selling her clothes she never wore online on this app called Poshmark! So I was like hm let me just give this a try it won’t hurt to just try, so I went through my closet and found 10 items I never wore, I wanted to start small, so I grabbed those items, found a nice clean spot in my living room and started taking photos of each item.. listed them up on Poshmark and literally I’m not even joking by the end of the day 2 of my items SOLD! I was soooo excited! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I almost didn’t even believe it, I was like this can’t be real!

So the next day I went to the post office and shipped out my items, rushed back home and started going through my closet again! Found a bunch more stuff to list.. but eventually I started running out of clothes to sell… and then it dawned on me… people on Craigslist and OfferUp and all those other random sites always have free clothes up for grabs so first thing every morning I would get on Craigslist or offerup and find people who were just giving away their clothes for FREE!! Once I found a lady giving away 16 HUGE garbage bags of clothes! I even found cute stuff for myself!

But anyways! I became a Poshmark addict! It was so easy to post items and sell them it felt unreal! I make about 2k every single month, sometimes I’ll even make a little bit more which is more than what I make working at my retail job!

If you want to make some extra cash on the side I would say this is perfect for you! You can sell almost anything on Poshmark, even household items! All you need is a phone that has a camera, the Poshmark app, some good lighting and you’re all set! Badabing badaboom!

And then I told my cousin about it and she never really believed in Poshmark and didn’t believe she could possibly make a living out of it but I knew she needed extra money so every time I was with her I would keep forcing her to open up an account and eventually she did! I helped her to list all her stuff and now she’s addicted! She even quit her office job!!

It doesn’t hurt to try! If you need an extra $200 or $300 or even $100 every month, please try out Poshmark, it is so easy and it’s honestly a lot of fun! I also have an invite code which will give you $20 to spend on whatever you want! Code: Boutique_La

If you do end up creating your account please leave your page in the comments below so I can follow you!!

Thank you so much for reading!


Workout Routine for Weight loss & A Bigger Booty!

I use to be very thin up until I was 23, I’m 27 now and then as I got older I started to gain weight and now I’m trying to lose weight and have successfully been doing so! I have lost around 13 pounds in less than two months!

Here is my workout routine and how I’ve lost weight, skimmed down my waist and got a bigger perkier booty!

First thing I do at the gym is get on the treadmill.. I bump up the include to about 3 or 4 and I only do HIIT on the treadmill, which stands for high intensity interval training.. which basically means you get your heart rate really high for about a minute and then really low for about a minute… so I start off at a slow pace of about 2.5mph for 1 minute and then I bump it up to as fast as I can run for 1 minute.. and do i this about 6 times!

Second: I do glute bridges WITH WEIGHTS! If you want your butt to grow you HAVE to use weights or else your butt will just get smaller and smaller! I do 4 sets of 15 reps! As you’re doing your glute bridges make sure to squeeze your butt muscles as hard as you can every time your push up!

Third: Romanian Deal Lifts!!! Omg when I started doing this exercise my butt started transforming! I can not stress to you how amazing this exercise is for you! Once again every time you come back up squeeeeeeeeze your booty! If you’re not use to doing this exercise you will be very sore the next day!! For this one I only do 3 sets of 15 reps with a 30-35 pound weight! If you can lift heavier do it!

I put the weight in between the back of the knee that I’m lifting!

Fourth: Donkey Kicks with weight or a resistance band! This is my favorite exercise to do! I’ve noticed that this one really lifts up my butt and makes it pop out more! I do 4 sets of 15 reps on each leg!

Fifth: Lying Side Leg Lifts!! For this one I just lay on my side, I pick up a weight ball or dumbbell of about 10-15lbs, if you can do heavier go ahead. I place it on thigh right below my hip and hold it there with my hand so it doesn’t fall and just lift your leg and every time your leg is lifted as far as u can go squeeze your butt! This one really hurts my butt so I only two 3 sets of 10 reps on each side!

Sixth: Deep squats with a 20-25lb weight! I don’t do much of these, it honestly depends on how sore I’m feeling at this point but I usually will do about 2 sets of 10-15 reps!

Then I will repeat steps 2-6 either one more time, if I’m feeling like I can go longer I will do it two more times and then after my workout is done I do one last HIIT on the treadmill and by that point I’m DEADDDDD!! This is honestly my favorite workout routine, I’ve noticed that it really does make me sweat, makes me sore and it helps to me keep a booty while slimming down my waist!

Make sure to ALWAYS squeeze your booty during every workout!!! You butt will grow so much faster and will be way more perkier!

If you guys have any great exercise please feel free to leave them in the comments below! If you liked this blog post please leave me a like! Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


The Guide to Glowing Healthy Skin

For most of my life I’ve had pretty nice skin. I’ve never really had problems with breakouts or uneven texture or uneven skin tone.. but for the past year I’ve been pretty lazy and stopped taking care of my skin. I swear 2019 was probably one of my worst years… gained almost 50 pounds, became a lazy couch potato and my skin got horrible!

But it’s never to late to start changing your bad habits! I’m back to losing weight and getting healthy (check out my weightloss post) and now I’m getting my glowy skin back!

People think you have to go out and get all these expensive facials and creams and face washes and God knows what’s else, but NOPE! You don’t even need to spend a penny to achieve glowy skin, I PROMISE you!

Here are my secrets… some people may not agree with all of them but it’s always worked for me. Also what may work for me may not work for someone else but it never hurts to try! 💁🏼‍♀️

1. Wash your face with your choice of face wash but ONLY at night, literally any face wash will work, you don’t need to buy the $50 face wash from Sephora, trust me girls.. go to cvs and get any face wash!

2. Do not wash your face with a face wash or soap or anything in the morning! I know it sounds crazy but please trust me on this! Just go to your sink and splash your face with some COLD water. A dermatologist once told me this and I swear it changed my life! It’s so simple and literally takes no effort but it does wonders!

3. If you ever do get a breakout just dab some tea tree oil on it, it may sting but by the next day or the day after the next day it will be gone.

4. EXFOLIATE! Only once a week! You can either you an exfoliating face wash or make your own ORRRRR my favorite.. those little eyebrow razors! When your remove all the little peach fuzz on your face with those razors it also removes all your dead skin and the next day your face will GLOW! This works for me literally every single time!!! I do this every week and people always ask me how is your face so soft, well this is why! If you’re going to try any of my tips, this is the one to try! You will run back here and thank me!!

5. Moisturize and sun screen! Sun screen is soo soo soo important for you, even when the sun isn’t out and it’s cloudy you should still wear sun screen! If your face is sensitive to sun screen and it causes you to break out then I would say just skip and wear a hat if you’re going to be under the sun!

6. Vitamin C serums!!! Vitamin C truly brightens up your skin tone and really makes it look like you’re glowing! Sometimes I forget to use this but when I am consistent I’ve noticed I always get complimented on my skin and that I look more refreshed and awake!

7. Last but not least, water! Water is so important for literally everything. Drink as much water as you can drink every day! Even when you think you’ve had enough water, drink one more glass! The way I always make sure I’m drinking enough water is the color of my pee.. lol I know tmi.. but when I’m drinking enough water my pee literally looks like water lol.. and for some reason it’s such a satisfying feeling when you know your hydrating your body!

If you guys know any cool beauty tips please let me know I’m the comments below, I love learning new tricks and tips so please feel free to share your secrets with me! ❤️


What I eat in a week to LOSE WEIGHT!

Hey guys, some of you have asked me on Instagram what I eat in a week to lose weight.. here is my list! If you guys try this and it helps you to lose weight as well, please let me know, I’d love to hear about your progress 😋❤️


Every day for breakfast (well like 5 days out of the week) I’ll eat 4 eggs.. three without yolk and one with yolk, scrambled and two slices of turkey bacon! This is my favorite breakfast and it’s so low on calories and so much protein it will really keep you full until lunch time!

If I do get hungry in between breakfast and lunch, I’ll grab a handful of carrots and just eat that but you could grab anything else, like cherry tomatoes or an avacado or cucumbers, anything you life.

So for lunch I’ll usually have some sort of sandwich, maybe an avocado toast with a side of fruit or salad. But it’s usually a sandwich of any sort but I try to keep the sandwich below 450 calories! So try not make it healthier by not putting any cheese in it or too much heavy sauces. Sauces have a looooooot of calories!

And then for dinner I usually always have chicken with a side of salad or a side of corn or you could even eat it with a side of brown rice or cauliflower rice which honestly tastes soooo good when you season it and it’s crazy low on calories! But usually I do corn cause it keeps me so full.. so I just buy a can of sweet corn, warm it up on the stove, and then I add one tablespoon of mayo, cayanne pepper and Parmesan cheese and it tastes sooooooooo good!!

Also Monday’s I usually start a fast at 9pm so I won’t eat after 9pm until the next day at 1pm. But you can’t start it at anytime, it just has to be for at least 16 hours!


Breakfast I’ll have eggs again, if you get tired of eating the same thing for breakfast you could do one slice of toast with almond butter or peanut butter and an apple or grapefruit or an orange if you don’t like grapefruit on the side!

Lunch I’ll have either a subway sandwich or I’ll have one hot dog with a side of a salad or some veggies with a low calorie ranch! This meal usually doesn’t keep me as full so I’ll have a snack somewhere in between lunch and dinner and I’ll usually have a bowl of fruit or I’ll slice up some apples and eat it with peanut butter! Sooo delicious!

Dinner, I’ll have a Caesar salad or some sort of mixed green with chicken! When putting dressing on your salad try to buy the healthiest version of it, pick the one that says low fat or low sodium!


Once again for breakfast I’ll have my eggs and bacon, this is my favorite meal so I never get tired of it!

Lunch I’ll make some veggie burgers (which btw are SO low on calories) with some whole wheat buns or if you want to be even healthier you can lettuce wrap it! Please don’t add cheese! It will make it so unhealthy! And then for the side I’ll have some sweet potatoes fries or I’ll have a salad just depending on how hungry I am or what I’m craving!

Dinner I’ll have a salad and usually during mid week I really start craving sweets so I’ll reward myself with a cup of chocolate ice cream or a snickers or Twix bar! 😋

Wednesday night I’ll also start another 16 hour fast! So I’ll stop eating at 9pm and then won’t have my breakfast the next day on Thursday until 1pm! But once again you can’t start yours at anytime!


Thursday and Friday I usually just have the same things I mentioned above, I just switch them around.. but my breakfast always stays the same. I’ve realized when I eat eggs and bacon in the mornings my stomach really stays full through the day and I don’t crave to eat as much as I would if I didn’t have eggs!

If you get hungry in between yours meals I would say drink a glass of water and then eat a bowl of fruit or some apples with peanut butter, or some veggies with some low fat ranch or you’re choice of dressing. And I know we all have cravings so if you really are craving something like chips or chocolate then go for it BUT only grab a handful of chips and put the rest of the bag AWAY!!! Or just have a bite or two of your chocolate and put it AWAY!! I know it’s hard but you have to or else you will never make any progress!


And then Saturday my breakfast will once again be the same.. for lunch I’ll have a sandwich or hot dog or a veggie burger with a side of fries! And then for dinner I’ll have a salad! Saturday’s my dinners are always a salad because sundays are my cheat days!


Sunday, my favorite day! I cheat every single Sunday! My breakfast stays the same. But my lunch and dinner I’ll eat whatever I want! The only thing I won’t do is eat snacks in between! So if you’re craving that steak at your favorite restaurant or that juicy burger GO FOR IT! But do not do not do notttttttt eat snacks in between your meals! Don’t sit there and shove your face with ten chocolate bars or a whole tub of ice cream hahah. And then for dinner once again eat whateverrrrr your heart desires!

But remember once Monday comes around you have to get back on your healthy eating schedule!


Weightloss Journey & Fitness Tips

I use to be that girl that could eat a burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not gain a single pound! No matter what I tried I wasn’t able to gain weight… and then as I got older my metabolism slowed down and I slowly started to put on some weight without even noticing!!

It was Thanksgiving and my mom always wants to take pictures of everyone in the family and I remember her taking a family group picture and the next day she posted it on Facebook and I couldn’t believe how big I looked! I don’t know why I never saw it when I looked at myself in the mirror, I always just saw myself as that skinny girl that weighed 115 pounds… so I got a real big reality check! So I went out and bought a scale… and I weighed myself….and I weighed 157 pounds!! I use to only weight 115! So within a year I gained almost 50 pounds! So unhealthy!! I couldn’t believe it!!

How did I get here? Let me explain… I had moved in with my bf and I kinda stopped caring about going to the gym or making healthy meals and just got really confortavle… we’ve all been there… and we ate out literally every single day! Every single day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner was out! And before I knew it I had gained almost 50 pounds!

Now I’ve gotten myself down to 144 and I’m slowly continuing to lose the weight! I never knew how hard it was to lose weight until now! I would always say oh I’ll never gain weight I’ll never be that girl that eats and gains a pound, well boy was I wrong!

Not gonna lie, at first it was VERY hard to lose weight. No matter how hard I was trying the weight just wouldn’t come off! I was becoming insecure and losing my confidence.. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, everything was too tight, nothing looked good on my anymore and I all around just always felt tired and energy-less! Then I started to really take it seriously..

I threw away all the junk food in my house, ALL OF IT! I completely stopped eating out and started making my own HEALTHY meals. Once I felt like I had that under control I went and signed up for a gym membership! That’s when I really noticed my body changing!!

This is me now at 143lb!! I still have about 10-13 more pounds to lose!!

Here are some tips from what I’ve learned and experienced with weight loss:

⁃ Before every single meal I made sure to drink one whole glass of water! It really fills you up so then you don’t eat as much

⁃ I stopped drinking coffee, Starbucks coffee especially, sodas and juices! Those drinks have so so so much sugar in them! Even if you’re eating healthy and then taking a sip of your coke then that healthy meal of yours is a complete waste of time!

⁃ Three times out of the week I will do a 16 hour fast where you don’t eat for 16 hours. I swear this is like the secret! Fasting makes you lose weight like crazzzzzyyy!! There is also so many health benefits!

⁃ Try to move your body as much as possible, when you’re cleaning the house and doing your chores, instead of just cleaning, blast some music and dance while you’re cleaning, you will burn TWICE the calories! Another option is when going to the store, park in the farthest parking spot!

⁃ Weights weights weights!!! Lifting weights helps you to burn SOOOO many calories and the great thing about it is that you’re body will still be burning calories after you’re done with your workout! I promise you won’t get muscley and manly! You will see your fat just fade away so much faster!

⁃ Remember, we are not perfect, we will mess up, we will go out at 1am for that burger we’re craving or those potato chips or that delicious cupcake.. and it’s totally okay! You won’t destroy all your progress by eating one unhealthy thing here n there, but you haaaave to have to have to snap back the next day and go back to eating healthy! Once or twice a week or even three times a week if you’re craving something sweet or salty or greasy, go get it! Eat it! And then get up the next morning and hit the gym!!!

⁃ Salt intake! If you feel like no matter what you’re doing your stomach just won’t get flat try not eating any salt for a week! Please just try it! Your results will amaze you and you will come running back to my blog and thank me!

⁃ Stay positive! If you feel like you’re trying really hard and you’re following all the rules to weightloss but don’t see the weight changing on the scale, it’s okay! Give your body some time to adjust.. I was killing myself exercising and eating healthy one week and the scale didn’t even budge but by the end of the next week I had lost 5 pounds! Remember this is a journey, not an overnight magical trick! Stay consistent and work hard!


Some of my 2020 GOALS!

Whoever said you had to know your goals by January 1st? I was drunk out of my mind and hungover the next day! Haha! We’re mid January and I’m just now starting to write down some goals. I believe when you write down your goals you’re more likely to reach them.. so here goes nothing.

Goal number ONE!

Become healthy and lose weight. When I say healthy I mean in every aspect of my life. I want to stop using so many harsh chemicals, so many toxic beauty products. Eat healthier! Drink water cause God knows I barely drink water. Be as active as I can be and get in the best shape of my life!

Goal Number TWO!

Have a successful blogging site and eventually start a YouTube Channel. I’ve always wanted to make YouTube videos but have always been a little nervous but this year nothing is going to stop me! I’m hoping to get my YouTube started by March or April and as soon as I do I will let all of you know! 🙂

Goal Number THREE!

Save enough money to put a down payment on a house! One of my dreams has always been to buy a house. I started saving money this year, I almost have $1000 saved up. Hoping to buy it by the end of this year and if I’m able to buy it sooner then even better!

Goal Number FOUR!

Travel more often. I love traveling and seeing new things and trying new things and everything this amazing world has to offer but I don’t do enough of it. I’m going to make one of my priorities this year to travel at least once every 3 or 4 months weather it’s for a week, or two weeks or even just a weekend. I think it’s good for the soul to get away and relax and not worry so much about the day to day life stuff!

Goal Number FIVE!

Make my relationship with my bf stronger than ever! We had some ups and downs last year in our relationship which I will talk about in another post and I just want this year to be all ups for us! I want us to be positive and not take each other for granted and respect each other! I want us to push each other to be the best possible version of ourself and love each other endlessly!

Goal Number SIX!

Last but not least… become more spiritual! This is probably one of the more important goals for me. I would love to have more time to meditate and really dive deeper into the spiritual world and learn more about it! I want to start using the law of attraction more and would definitely recommend everyone to try this as well! It works 10000000%! If you’re interested in learning more about the law of attraction please let me know in the comments and I would LOVE to write a post about it.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new posts! Also follow my Instagram @tenyyaghobi


My journey in life

Ok where do I begin!! So I’m naturally a very unorganized type of person so if I’m all over the place in this post just bare with me, I’m new to this, give me a break lol. We can’t all be perfect blog posters, now can we.. I’m here to show you that even if your life is a mess, even if you don’t know what you’re doing (like me), it can happen for you! You can become successful and you will become successful just as long as you’re consistent!

Where was I 10 years ago?

Partying with my friends, spending all my time and money on clothes and shoes and crazy weekend getaways with friends. Looking back at it now had I wished I spent it on my future? YES! One million percent YES! Everything in life needs balance. For all the young girls or boys on my blog reading right now, don’t spend every week partying, just don’t do it! Learn from my mistakes, invest your money in your future! Invest your money in bettering yourself! Am I saying don’t ever go out and have fun? Absolutely NOT! Have fun, live your life, but have balance!

Now let’s fast forward to the present, 2020, and everything that happened in between that time..

I tried going back to school, not once, not twice but THREE times! THREE TIMES! And each time I dropped out, I couldn’t do it, school is not for me and I don’t think it ever will be for me and that’s okay! Some of the most successful people are drop outs! So then I tried becoming a realtor, passed my exams and realized I actually hate this. Yeah I did a bunch of little things here and there like selling on EBay and Poshmark (which worked really well for me and I’m still using Poshmark but it’s not something I’m passionate about.) And then I decided to start a blog.. but this was 3 years ago and then I met a boy…

Little did I know he was going to make me fall head over heels in love with him. Been with him for 3 years now (well 3 years in March). But anyways.. he kind of just took over my life and I let go of blogging, I wish I didn’t but I was stupid in love.

I will get more into detail about my relationship in a different post. Fast forward 3 years.. I’m finally ready to start my life, this journey, and build my future! I’m ready to consistently post about my daily struggles, every day life problems, advice, relationship stuff, and everything in between!

I would love to hear feedback from you guys.. maybe leave a comment for what my next post should be about? Or if you have any questions you have for me that you’d like some advice on? Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for my next post!!


My First Blog Post

Chasing my dreams..

As cliche as this sounds, it really is never too late to chase your dreams..

I’ll start off with a little bit about myself.. I’m 27 years old, turning 28 in March! It’s scary, I’m getting old and I feel like I haven’t accomplished much in my life yet and it’s really starting to sink in. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way though so I’m here trying to change my life and prove to everyone that it’s never to late to chase your dreams and I hope that I can inspire even just one person to get up and chase what they want!I’ve always knows I’ve wanted to do something like this in my life like blogging or YouTube or something with creativity but I never actually had the guts to pursue it because I always felt like “what if I’m not good enough”, “what if I’m not interesting enough”, or funny enough or whatever the reason is.. but I’m done worrying about what others are thinking and I’m chasing my dreams one day at a time, one dream at a time! And you can too! So stay tuned for my next post, I will be talking about my life, my struggles and how I overcame all of them, relationships, advice and much more!